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Our next meeting will be held at the Darby Center Darby Rec Center
10th St & Ridge Ave. at 1:30 pm.


Greetings from NA World Services,

We are excited to present you with the second batch of review material for the Traditions Project. The drafts are posted online at We are also re-posting the draft Introduction chapter to help orient those who did not participate in the first review for this project. The project webpage also includes links to online input forms for these chapter, or you can mail or email your input to us at if you prefer.

The cover memo, which is also posted on the project page, will provide you with background about the project, notes about how input on Tradition One has helped to shape these chapters, and questions to guide your discussions as you review the drafts.

The R&I schedule provides three months, about twelve weeks to review this material. With five chapters in this batch, this means scheduling a workshop every other week if you do one tradition at a time, or once a month if you do two traditions at a time. Planning out your schedule in advance and asking members to read the material prior to coming for the workshop can help you be more efficient in discussing the material and gathering input to send in. And, as always, don’t wait until you’ve gathered all the input—send us what you have as you gather it! The sooner we get it, the more time the workgroup will have to go over your input.

The deadline for input on these chapters is 31 May 2015. The projected review period for Traditions Seven through Twelve is 1 June through 31 August. We look forward to your continued enthusiasm—Together we can create the best literature possible.

All home groups and NA members from the Delco Area are encouraged to participate in the literature review process. Please email or bring suggestions to the Literature Subcommittee meeting before May 31st. Email:

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